Neil Gaiman had an interesting idea: if he had not been a writer, he would have liked to design religions (rather like Hubbard, in fact): 'I'd have a little shop, and people would phone up or come into the shop and they'd say, 'I'd like a religion.' And I'd say, 'Cool, OK. Where do you stand on guilt, and how do you want to fund it?'


Morality represents the way you want the world to work; data is the way it actually is.

We preach peace, forgiveness, tolerance and love. We practice vengeance, persecution, hatred and domination. My personal beliefs are supported and validated by my convictions. Oh, and never forget .... my religion is truth, yours is a lie.

Most people do not live their lives as though they seriously expected to be judged after death.

God can't see you when it's cloudy.

I'm gonna need a young priest and an old priest.

When you believe in an imaginary figure that only you can see or hear, it's called a psychological problem. If you believe in an imaginary figure that you can't even see or hear, it's a religion.

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Bishop Desmond Tutu on the furore over gay rights: 'What a shame, I mean, well really, what a disgrace, that the church of God, in the face of so much suffering in the world, in the face of conflict, of corruption, of all of the awful things, what is our obsession? Our obsession is not ministering to a world that is aching. Our obsession is about sexual orientation. I'm sure that the Lord of this church, looking down at us, must weep, and say, 'just what did I do wrong now?'

Sir David Attenborough has revealed that he gets hate mail from viewers for not crediting God in his documentaries. The veteran broadcaster said that he has received letters telling him to burn in hell because of his views on evolution. He told Radio Times that he is often asked why he does not credit God when talking about some of the creatures featured on his shows: "They always mean beautiful things like hummingbirds. I always reply by saying that I think of a little child in east Africa with a worm burrowing through his eyeball. The worm cannot live in any other way, except by burrowing through eyeballs. I find that hard to reconcile with the notion of a divine and benevolent creator."

Virtually every claim the Church has made about the physical world has been disproved.

Incidentally there is more proof for the existence of Santa Claus than there is for god. We know there is a north pole, sleighs, reindeer and bearded men are all real.

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Christianity has been destroyed by politics, priests, and get-rich evangelists. Why religion is declining

One view of God - the more fundamentalist view - is of a retributive God just itching to punish those who "stray." The other equally ancient view, going right back into the New Testament era, is of an all-forgiving God who in the person of Jesus Christ ended the era of scapegoat sacrifice, retribution and punishment forever. The problem with hell

America has an infection. Whether it is terminal remains to be seen. The infection is that of anti-intellectualism, a steadfast refusal to acknowledge that one's worldview is mutable, a worldview in which facts are only facts if they fit that worldview, and that anyone who disagrees with a Christian fundamentalist worldview is an enemy of God. The infection has taken hold in conservative politics, where it has spread to a significant portion of the American population. Fundagelicals

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But if at the Church they would give us some Ale.
And a pleasant fire, our souls to regale;
We'd sing and we'd pray, all the live-long day;
Nor ever once wish from the Church to stray."

(William Blake)

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The "Good Book" ain't always reliable
Its claims often unverifiable
So with this in mind
How then can I find
Any reason to trust in the Bible?

An alien dude and his wife
Heard that Earth with smart humans was rife
They conducted their search
At the Westboro church
But they found no intelligent life.

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